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See this image ? It corresponds to the badge from the 2nd of june 2014 challenge at dailypost.wordpress.com, just click on it to learn more about the challenge.

As you see this event is fully suitable for making writing on Linkstraffic an habit. That’s actually what I have in mind at the moment for the 20 minutes free writing task… Unlocking my mind ! I already have a few draft articles ongoing here, but so far I tend to let them aside and some time decide to publish them… The problem is as time goes, I think those fresh ideas are getting old and I decide to just forget about them. When I saw this event, I really thought this is what I need to get my lines fixed and arranged the way it should to finally get their right spot.

I’m aware I really need to improve my sentences, grammar and style. I’m french and even if English is a latin language, there are so many different expressions, regular practices I’m missing that my english here will lack of something, I might end up expressing myself in an unclear manner and I feel sorry about it. Anyway as a technician and  a Cartesian I will try my best to bring the visitors the most valuable information they will be looking for.

Now it’s being late, I would love to read what others have written for this event. Posting a few comments will be the next task I’ll have by tomorrow.

If you are reading this, either you are from the dailypost community or you are passing by (thank you for that, I really appreciate your interest), may be you feel interested in building your website and see that i’m not different…

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