Website Traffic

There are different way of bringing traffic to your web solutions.

Some are known to lead non relevant traffic, most of the time you will get such traffic if you purchase appealing services at a very cheap price, you might get your website listed under a specific pop under on a truly fake website but there are so many other ways we will be discussing in our blog here at linkstraffic.

Targeted Website Traffic

Such traffic is the way to go and there are so many options, some are free and are based on your hard work or a network of yours which you already provided all your time and efforts to build. It’s called Organic search Traffic. And also Social media traffic.

Others means involves buying spots onto other websites matching the industry of yours, you may purchase such ads onto :

– Google Adwords

– Microsoft and Yahoo ads network

– Social Media Ads

That will be Pay Per Click and this is truly relevant but can also cost a lot depending on your industry, it’s also time consuming as competitors evolve and you should look at your ads and improve them regularly.

– BuyAndSell ads

This website provide a lot of publishers and advertisers, just pick and try, you might find one which match your criterium.

– SoloAds

– Blog ads

This type of marketing will offer you some additional way of bringing your website traffic, by including your link onto an article and also a mailing from a third part.


You may also purchase traffic through website you are searching yourself by contacting the owner and dealing with him.

Not to do

Beware however, look at your stats regularly to check everything including Webmaster tools provided by Google, avoid any blackhat procedures.

There are methods you should not use, for instance, websites are being penalized by search engines when they buy a hard link onto some websites.


Stay tuned

Read and keep following Google Search news, social media changes. Matt Cutt blog and other relevant informations.


Web content is the key

You already know about it, web content is the key to a successful campaign, work hard on your content and you will obtain traffic automatically, however that can be long to see before anyone notice your content so all methods are to be explored…

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