Web development

There are so many languages for programming on the web, besides HTML, which you better know, there is CSS3, javascript and that does not stop here. You know about javascript, but do you also master Jquery ?

And do you use a database, store details and information of any kind ? Then you should use Php, or Asp, or ruby….


Have you choose between Php, widely used, Perl, ASP, C






Linkstraffic is glad to introduce you with the Code and snippets section. The scripts concern multiple Web development languages and as a webmaster you should find this resource interesting and useful.

All pages here present examples along with the script used to produce the demo. Comments are usually included inside the code but there can be additional notes out of the code.

We also welcome anyone to provide examples of his choice. Linkstraffic will dispose a link back to your web site in exchange of your contribution (same procedure as the articles section of Linkstraffic).

We also welcome and value your feedbacks about each contribution.


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