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Let’s picture something easy; a location which encompasses about everything, anything, or a place which is itself made of the same thing ever…
I’m trying to think different today for the theme of the writing challenge day 2 and I won’t be talking about a specific location on earth or in the space but more precisely on what really turns me on !


particles-flow  How to draw such thing ? Well let me first tell you that I’m talking about matter and what makes matter, a combinaison of events and particles, besides atoms     protons, neutrons and electrons, if we dive more deeply in the elements of constitution, there is no limit. Constantly evolving and depending on other elements and interactions, that just reveals what we all are : some random individual in motion at all time.


I decided the spot I wish to reach is a random particle, this is exactly what I think I am in this world anyway, just a single particle which keeps moving around. Moving because I decide to or mostly because someone or something else is asking me to, no matter how it does the trick.


If someone pushes the power button of a computer, you already know what happens, I mean physically, a shortcut is made and electrons are being attracted to another place via a very well structured path. I’m one of the electrons hitting some resistances along the pathes, some logical gates which at the time of passing don’t bother me until I hit the final step where I will actually keep moving making some nice curves at a fast speed.


Whatever the element I’m representing, alone, it won’t be of any help in achieving a task like coding a few lines for my blog. Indeed I need a lot of “friends” (other particules – billion of them!) and then we will be able to start building our life.

Beyond the particle I incarn, there is yet to learn about the way it is driven, and where it is heading. If you are reading these lines, you may wonder why on earth are they disposed here ! Well to make a link, let’s say all the traffic of elements is linked together and there has to be something out of that traffic…




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