Here we are finally !

You’ve done all the necessary things to bring good traffic to your web solution and now you need to know about the best way to optimize your traffic.


What can hurt you ?


Being too greedy can do some bad, imagine you accept any type of request such as including any hard link anywhere on your site, even if they are not relevant !


Considered as Black Hat Techniques, you won’t want to support this practice as you will end up being penalized by search engines.




If there is no reason for a link to be here, be sure that you will be penalized, so please remove and better : do not accept these offers, they will harm you more than help you.

Banners Ads

Yes you can ! And actually this is a good way to make some money while listing relevant banner ads you may select by yourself.

We will discuss about the plateforms such as BuyAndSellAds where you can list your website and approve advertisers, dispose your conditions and so on.


Nofollow links


We have already talked about these type of links here so as Banner ads, theses links are similar but based on text exlusively.

You may put them in the content but also in specific ad spots on your website.



There are heaps of plateforms to pick up the right campaign and promote truly relevant services and products from other companies. The biggest companies advertise on such places such as Commission Junction. But there are others such as ClickBank…

If you are into niche marketing, you can test about any type of affiliation programs.


Want more information?

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