How to make the best Facebook cover photo ?

When starting up with Facebook for online marketing, the first thing to take care of is the Timeline Photo.

Top 4 features of a Facebook cover photo

Choosing the best cover photo for your facebook page will add value to your business, let me highlight to best strategies to employ :

  • It should reflect your business field
  • It must be appealing
  • It should be updated regularly
  • It must be mobile friendly

We will review in a few words these features, but let’s see first how businesses do with their page.

Facebook Timeline cover examples

There are trends to follow on any design interaction and Fanta is doing pretty well as they constantly update their pages, see here how they handle their cover :

Fanta Facebook cover photo

Still with a lot colors and reflecting their community, Google is currently displaying this cover photo :

Google Facebook timeline photo

Now Sony, like Apple, decided to highlight a product of their own :

sony Facebook page

And the Festival de Cannes covering their season :

Festival de Cannes Facebook cover photo


You are free to browse other companies on Facebook, this is actually recommended as you will also discover how they feed their Facebook pages.

As you notice while watching these photos, next to the logo on the left, it brings value to the page by showing their company way of life and current interaction with the community. It isn’t just a picture, but truly a part of their Timeline story.

You are free to pick up one image over another as long as it suits your business strategy on this social media. Although there are a few constraints.

Size of your cover picture

The overall dimensions of your banner should be : 820 width by 340 height, check out the following screen shot from the page Photo Size Helper :

Facebook Banner size and dimensions

Now get your mobile phone and launch Facebook pages on your browser, how do you see your banner ?

If that banner does not fit the screen nicely, then you must adjust the dimensions for retina display, we advice to make it like this :


In the other hand, you should regularly adjust the settings as Facebook is updating the way it’s being handled, so build your banner according to your needs.

As you see on the last banner, there is a dedicated spot where you may add some kind of Call To Action, it won’t appear on mobiles but on a desktop you can use this place to drive attention to your visitors. Using a CTA will allow you to lead a user to either opening a slide-show of a few banners or reading the content of your page below.

Tools to help you build your Facebook banner

In order to achieve this banner, depending on your skills, you may use your favorite software such as Corel Draw, Illustrator or the free tool Inkscape (vector graphics editors) or simply Photoshop or Gimp. But you can also go online and use Canvas such as the free tool at


Well it’s your turn now, you don’t have to be a skilled image maker, it only takes a few steps and once ready you upload the image to your Facebook page, then you watch the results using your desktop and smartphone. If you have multiple fans already then follow their comments about this new photo.

I hope you enjoyed this short article, if so then please follow us on Facebook.


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