DBA – Select Statement exercise 4 – Group By

Yet another SQL exercise in the series using the same context data.

This one is getting a bit more in depth in the business field, you might encounter such use case if you plan on making statistics about your students…

You will again practice on a select statement with a group by clause.


Please use the same set of data from the first exercise of the series.

Your job

The task is to display all students names having at least 3 marks above 9 (considering the coefficients) and their related discipline names.

Hint : read carefully, keywords can be useful !

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  1. […] I hope that you played the game and try 1 or more SQL queries to answer the request from the Database Administrator provided activity. […]

  2. […] Third one from the series featured a WITH AS and GROUP BY clause, today we are working more on SQL […]

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