Some daily Maven tasks

Draft of Maven commands I use on a daily basis while developing java applications.

Useful Bash commands

Quick draft showing various bash commands you might use on a daily basis.

From CSV to API – Python 3 parsing

In order to practice a bit with Python language, we will exercise on a simple application featuring the following implementations : Load the application using the path of a csv file Read the data from the csv into a Python dictionary Use a json template file having an array of objects and replace with the […]

DBA Solution to Table creation exercise

Following the exercise on SQL Table creation, we provide here an example of implementation. Context No context so far except for the modelling of the data. Based on the given details we can picture some entities for our PDM (Physical Data Model) using JHipster JDL studio. You could use whatever PDM tool that suits you, […]

Bitwise AND operator with Programming implementation

The Bitwise AND (&) Operator allows us to process a multiplication on numeric values based on their binary representation bit per bit. Wikipedia actually explains it very well with examples covering the operations. Note that the operation must be applied to equal lengths numbers. Area of use We focus here on the bitwise and operator […]

DBA Exercise – Table creation

Today we will work on the creation of 3 tables with relationship. This one is not complex but you should be familiar with Database Normalization. You can read a brief about it on Guru99. More resources will be made available while browsing for the solution of this exercise. Context Request Build 3 tables covering the […]

Multi modules Maven project – Start

Maven multi module

This part follows the tutorial on Jdk 8 and Jdk 11 LTS docker image. We will actually use the later image to build our project which is prepared here. The article is focused on generating a project using the IntelliJ IDE. The project features the following parts : A main parent module 2 children modules […]

Solution to SQL Aggregation exercise

Explain on mysql query

This is the solution to the last SQL exercise from the series covering the students/disciplines field. The Third one from the series featured a WITH AS and GROUP BY clause, today we are working more on SQL aggregations such as : MIN MAX AVG Same Context Solution Here is what you should obtain as a […]

RabbitMQ – Tutorial Series


We will focus on playing with RabbitMQ, a very famous open source message broker you will  certainly encounter while developing applications. Here are the topics covered in the series : Launching RabbitMQ using a docker image Populating data using a Java Spring Application. Consuming data using another Java application Adding a Go consumer Monitoring the […]

Php7.4+ MVC Pattern & PDO

PDO statement and Typed properties

We will explore a bit the PDO Library (Php Data Objects) provided by Php. Context The code base includes the following features : PSR4 autoloading with Composer Typed properties Mysql DB with 2 tables A controller and 2 entities following the tutorial (following the MVC Pattern) A default endpoint (homepage displaying all data from an […]

Using Composer Autoloader in a Php environment

Yet another example of autoloading classes in a Php environment following the PSR-4 standards introduced by the Php Interopt group. Today we will concentrate more on setting up an autoloader which is widely used accross Php frameworks : The composer autoloader The packagist manager (composer) features an autoloader to let us use any package libraries […]

DBA Exercise – Aggregation

This is the last SQL training exercise of the series featuring the students business field. As a reminder, check out the 4 exercises : Select query DBA exercise – including the context data 3 best students select statement Group By Statement exercise More about Aggregation (current page) Context As usual load the context data provided […]

Fetch API using OOP with unit test

ES2015 - Node JS Fetch api test

In this article we will cover an example of Object Oriented approach on using the Fetch API to let us make HTTP requests and process the response using a given function. This is more like an exercise to get a better understanding on coding standards in a professional environment using a simple use case. It […]

DBA – Solution to Exercise 4 on Select with Group By

I hope that you played the game and try 1 or more SQL queries to answer the request from the Database Administrator provided activity. Once again we try on an approach easy to understand with a real world use case. Do not hesitate to post a comment to discuss about it. Context reminder Using your […]

DBA – Select Statement exercise 4 – Group By

DBA Database SQL

Yet another SQL exercise in the series using the same context data. This one is getting a bit more in depth in the business field, you might encounter such use case if you plan on making statistics about your students… You will again practice on a select statement with a group by clause. Context Please […]

Using Jest with ES6 modules

Using Jest in ES06 env

Today we will focus on a simple implementation of a unit test using Jest in an ES2015 environment. After some study about the various testing Javascript frameworks out there, I’ve picked up Jest over Jasmine or even Mocha. Basically for such unit test, you might select any of the most popular frameworks. However using Jest […]

Dockerize LAMP

Let’s produce a docker-compose file to let a full website run from on any of your machines ! Actually more precisely we will prepare a docker compose file so we can test some web resources real quick and not only WordPress, Drupal, Magento… ! Checkout the features covered : Docker Compose Apache Mysql Php Virtualhosts […]

DBA – Solution to exercise 3

Today we solve the exercise 3 by introducing a select statement and sharing our analyse with some arguments. I assume that you already loaded the context data in order to try the query.  The solution Let’s say that we only know about the name of the discipline to compute the query. This way we need […]

Dockerize Maven Jdk8 & Jdk11 LTS

Today we will talk about a way to build a docker image shipping the following tools : Maven (latest version) OpenJdk 8 Openjdk 11 lts In a next article, we will see how to use this image in order to build a multi modules Java project. Finally we will go through the Continuous Integration process […]


Following the DBA exercise 2, we continue the series with a new SQL select statement to compute. Context You will use the same data for this training exercise, you can also reuse the index you’ve likely introduced if you have been through the solution. Request Let’s say I want to retrieve the 3 best students […]

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