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Deep into code, this is our way to learn software development !

If you want to be a better programmer, how do you plan on achieving this ?

  • Following programming tutorials
  • Practice coding
  • then… ??


Here at LinksTraffic we strive to making you understand what is behind lines of code !

We pick up an area, study it and then cook something to let anyone get a better a grasp at it (at least this is our intent)…

echo "Hello World";

Everyone who has been starting on a new language has tried this command (see, but have you been investigating on how and what happens behind the scene ?

No more reading, take me to the programming resources.

Learn things right ! Let me rephrase this as follow :

Understand what & why you are coding !

Remember the old adage : “Think before your speak” – same things apply for programming.

I would even say : “Think twice and more before you code” !

Actually coding is not just writing characters, it’s also about architecture and conception !

There are so many languages, so many way to achieve the same requirement that you can easily pick up the wrong path at your company’s cost !

Clean code

I’ll simply repeat Robert C. Martin saying :

It is not enough for code to work.

Of course we will try our best to implement good practices – code should be reviewed and you will likely find dirty code within snippets so we count on you to post a comment to let us know !

Production / Development

Some articles will be covering infrastructure and deployment (for the devops !).

Indeed we can not code without thinking about where our application is aimed to run ! Please browse the cloud tag for more topics.

Since the creation of Linkstraffic, there has been so much work achieved for the developers, as of 2020, we are now concentrating our efforts to share with you our experience.

Further reading

At any time articles are referring to online/offline resources, we are strongly recommending you to follow the reading on those pages for your own knowledge.

For instance in Java Baeldung is a famous reference and for an active community there is Stack Overflow.

You will also find open source projects right onto Github & Gitlab for more code to study. So you will never get bore ever !

Happy studying !

Eddy Mio

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